Beauty Is Meant to Be Uncovered

Uncover your beauty

As I uncover my beauty

May we uncover our beauty

Cover the darkness through the light of Christ that darkness may be dispelled and dissipate

In darkness our beauty is hidden. Our beauty is diminished for darkness cover what is meant to be seen. The beauty of you, the beauty of me is meant to be seen.

In darkness our beauty diminishes; it cannot be seen.

But in the Light of Christ our beauty shines, radiates, and penetrates.

Uncover your beauty in Jesus’ name amen!

Beauty starts with character; it starts in the heart. Within the depths of our souls. Beauty is the rough edge that keeps us on our toes. Sending up praises and crying out to be created; created in the beauty of holiness, purity, and love. Beauty Beauty is within the mind how one thinks. Beauty opens her mouth and speak so eloquently!

Beauty Beauty pure beauty runs deep. It is the tone in one’s voice, the gracefulness in one’s presence, the smile that rest on one’s face, because the beauty within radiates. Beauty pure beauty may that be you! For it is in all of us and God makes His beauty within us come true.

Beauty touches, beauty reaches, beauty inspires, beauty also teaches. Beauty is the very thing that makes you unique the beauty of you, the beauty of me mended in Christ who fulfills the beauty within completely… Beauty!

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