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Casting My Cares

Today I rise above how I feel, because to be honest my feelings are not in alignment with the truth of God, but rather they are aligned with my circumstances, and what I see with my natural eyes.

This day I choose to acknowledge these feelings, recognizing that they are there. Yet, evicting them for they speak loudly, and what they speak are lies.

This morning I am heading to the alter of God to release all that is within me, every sound that discourages me.

This day I cast my cares upon God for He cares for me 1Peter 5:7. I cast my cares on the Lord for He will sustain me for our God will never suffer the righteous to be moved – Psalms 55:22.

To cast mean to cause to move or send forth by throwing forward (Merriam Dictionary)

I am throwing it forward, releasing and letting go of everything that is there to plague me. As I cast it over to the Lord, He is strengthening my heart. In Jesus name amen

May we all be encouraged and understand there are often days where we are bombarded with stuff, stuff within, stuff around us, things that need to be addressed, things that surface, and we need to face. Remember as you go forward you are not facing them alone. Stand on the word of God

an apply it to your life for we are all created to overcome in Jesus name amen.

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