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Christ Is the Standard and Example

We must not look around to see what person or group of people are the standard

The most dangerous place one can be in when seeking a life lived in Christ is to look at man and say that’s the standard.

No matter how pure, how holy, how consecrated of a life they may have

Christ is our standard and example!

Our personal relationship with the Father being led by the Holy Spirit is the standard!

A life of obedience and worship to His Spirit, assignment, and command He has given is the standard!

Our obedience unto the Lord is the standard and the example to follow is Christ. The voice that leads you must be Holy Spirit along with His unction for He is the teacher.

I’m not taking away from the assignment of the Five-Fold Ministry, but our assignment is to reflect Christ to Preach what Holy Spirit Speaks, to teach what Holy Spirit Teaches, and to speak the Oracles of God from Heaven.

May we receive immediate conviction when we have made man our standard and idols in ignorance or in the desperation to please God. In our desperation we must look in and sit at His feet and not be hungry for a sound that we can identify with (a familiar sound) and or bring comfort to our souls.

We need a breaking (a broken spirit and a contrite heart our Lord will not despise)

Are you willing to be broken, to be built up right in God? Built up in His strength, in His Faith, in His image and likeness, in His character, in His love, bearing His fruit, and remaining divinely connected to the vine.

In Jesus name amen!

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