Dear Heavenly Father

Before I close my eyes I simply want to say I love you! You are everything to me, and at times I do not always acknowledge nor do I even comprehend fully just how true that statement is.

I thank you for keeping your hand upon my children and I. I thank you for being our protector and provider, our shield and our strong tower.

Because your spirit is upon me I am a successful woman, because your spirit is upon and in my children they are successful as well.

Lord you cause us to prosper in ways seen and unseen. I simply pour out my love to you this night because you forever love me.

Abba cause me to remember you again fully, remember the love we shared, remember the laughter embraced with you, and the joy that flowed and shined so bright filling the room. Thank you for making me, thank you for creating me. I love me! You make no mistakes, and you create nothing that is flawed.

May my beauty rest in the inner most parts of me, being the foundation, the setting powder, the highlights, and the blush. Ohhhhh let me not for get be the gloss on my lips Lord God that put that extra shine. Glow Glow Glow bright! So bright that You shine through me even in the day light Abba Father. May I be one who draw those to you!

May I understand with each encounter the depth, the purpose, whether its longevity, or seasonal. Have your way Lord have your way Lord so I can grow. So my babies can grow, I desire we all bear fruit. Fruit that may abound to our account. Be glorified Lord, as I bow my heart to you tonight and Forever more.

Good night to you Abba, I pray that you are able to rest. I thank you God that you are God and I am not. Thank you for carrying our burdens, and hearing our hearts, thank Lord that even our tears have a sound and you respond. Who is like unto you, no not one. My heart cry Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to Come Hallelujah! Great and Marvelous are thy works

Lord just and true are thy ways thou King of Saints, who shall not fear the Oh Lord and Glorify thy name. For thou only are Holy For all nations shall come worship before thee until thy judgements are made manifest.

Kisses to you Lord, I release my heart, spirit, body, and soul to you in Jesus name amen!

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