Did you know the word speaks?

Did you know the word speaks to you when you cannot speak it? Did you know whatever you put inside of you becomes alive? It takes some form of reality within you. Our very person is created of life and by life Himself, that is why no matter what you read, see, or hear it produces some form of reality within you and forms life in your thought process, in your emotions, and in your feelings.

What are you putting inside of you that is choking up the freedom of pure life, and creating a false life, a false sense of reality? Maybe it is creating sound in your mind that keeps you depressed or feeling defeated. What are you watching that is telling your psyche the opposite of what you know to be true?

Today I implore you to be intentional about what you allow to enter in. I implore you to set watch over the entrances to your psyche. Your ear gate, your eye gate, your nostrils (so even through smell). Be cognizant of what is going on, and what may enter in. Be mindful of the conversations you are engaging in. It all produces life to something!

Through the word of God as we allow ourselves to feast on, to delve in to, to study, to mediate, to speak His word; that is what produces the pure formation of life within! That is what produces the wholeness of life! Through His word, the intaking of God’s word, it is what produces the clarity, the knowledge (information), the Understanding (meaning), and wisdom (the know-how an ability to effectively apply the word to produce a pure life in and through Christ Jesus)!

Today may we find ourselves resurrected to life in Christ Jesus from the death of distractions, insecurities, images, habits, words, and unrighteousness.

I declare and decree we shall live and not die! I declare we are seated in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus! I declare the spirit of truth lives in us! I declare freedom in our soul. Hallelujah I declare we are redeemed, set free, and resurrected in Christ in Jesus name amen!

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