Eternal Excellence

The Lord desires to make you an eternal excellence (Isaiah 60:15). Will you allow Him to do it? It is not enough to simply be excellent in your craft, in your speech. We are called to be excellent in character, in conduct, in morals, and motives.

Through salvation God brings us to an eternal excellence when we are willing, obedient, and our heart longs for Him!

God is Pure Excellence and we are created in His Image.

May we live in our renewed mind, our new life, a life that is crucified to Christ, nevertheless we live, yet not ourselves, but it is Christ

who lives in Us in Jesus name amen.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray that you will create in us your excellence as we choose you, your will, your way, your word, and your life. We pray that you will purify our hearts, purge us deeply, and renew us completely. Let that mind be in us that was also in Christ Jesus. We pray for your forgiveness of our sins and our sinful nature. We commit to consecrate our lives and flesh to you daily, dying more and more to our self, ways and desires, to become more and more alive in Christ Jesus.

We praise you, honor you, and reverence you this day and forever more in Jesus name amen.

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