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Good Morning Lord,

Today is a day, and I thank you. A day of opportunity, growth, a day of correction, learning, and I will not allow my heart to become empty or my soul to become weary. I thank you! I thank you for the choice to trust you, the choice to be happy, the choice to live in joy the choice to worship you, the choice to follow you in the name of Jesus amen.

You are God, and no matter what changes in life you never will! I thank you for the discovery of the things you have graced me for in life. I declare I will not quit! I will not quit loving you, I will not quit following you, I will not quit praying to you, I will not quit talking to you, I will not quit wanting you, I will not quit needing you.

Lord transform me by the renewing of my mind. Show me Holy Spirit how to transform my mind. How to slowdown, seek your face, study, sit with you an allow you to transform me from the inside out.

I honor you this day in Jesus name amen.

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