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Here I Am Father God

Morning Glory Father God, Morning Glory Jesus, Morning Glory Holy Spirit! Thank you for your everlasting love this day. My heart says yes to you. Here I am Father God! What can I do to make you smile this day? What can I do to please you on this day! I have my plan for the day; however, I surrender them to you. Interrupt, intervene, redirect, do what you choose to do in my life this day! May the actions I take, the words I speak be that which is in accordance with your perfect will. Here I am Lord God, Hallelujah! I declare I am yours do what you will, say what you will in and through me. I bow my full self to you this day. In the name of Jesus! Glory to your name Father God! Teach me thy ways, thy precepts, thy statues, thy principles. May I be slow to speak and quick to hear, because in quietness and confidence lies my strength. May I hear your sweet whisper this day telling me this is the way to go walk ye in it! Today I incline my ears unto You, so that I may live, and my soul shall live. Say what You need to say, do what You need to do! Here I am. All that I have is yours Dear Lord.

Father here I am please break down the barriers of my heart, the hardness in my soul, the rebellious way that I feel I must go, do, and or take. Lord, please break down and deliver me from the rebellion in me that causes me to choose the opposite ways you have established for me. Forgive me for my sins, and the wrong thoughts in my mind. This day I bring them captive. Breath new life in me. May the wind of your spirit, release me from the dry desert within. Blow away the debris, the stubble, the dust, uproot the weeds. My hearts desire is that you can take rest in my garden, the garden of my soul, may you be satisfied with the garden of my soul this day.

Lord may I hunger for you so deeply as you release your love to me, I do not miss it. May your love draw me to repentance in the name of Jesus. I am made whole in You. I am perfected in You. I am free in You. I am confident in You. May I not try to be anything outside of You in the name of Jesus amen.

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