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Holy Spirit deliver me once and for all from this thing in Jesus name amen.

Lord why do I have to fall so low to be reminded that I need you. Why do I have to fall so deep to be reminded that I cannot do it without You.

It hurts It hurts it hurts when I hurt you in the name of Jesus amen’

Brokenness is so painful Lord. It hurts me when I hurt you Lord. Please forgive me. No longer a thought no longer a desire. I am tired of this and sick from gratification deliver me Lord Jesus. It is in my belly and it is the condition of my heart that is suffering.

Flesh is not subject to God and neither can be. The carnal mind is not subject to God and neither can be. My God, I can only serve you in my spirit, in spirit and truth

Holy Spirit you are the mind of Christ that lives in me. Never stop convicting me, never stop loving on me, never stop comforting me. For your love God the Father brings me to repentance in Jesus’ name amen.

I am carnal sold under sin Roman 7:14

Dear Lord, I repent for every moment and every time I have allowed satan to fill my heart and lead me captive in wrong in Jesus name amen

It is now really about choosing Holy Spirit and not my flesh. It is about loving God so much I choose to remain in that love and express my love for him through denying my flesh, no longer gratifying my fleshly desires, choosing to make an intentional decision to allow my flesh to suffer by choosing Holy Spirit’s way in Jesus name amen

Christ suffered for me. Saying no to an extra cookie, extra coffee, extra candy, extra movie, conversation, people, places, things, sex, drugs, etc. is the least we can do. There is absolutely no comparison in our sufferings to the suffering Christ has endured for us. I repent for grieving You Holy Spirit and allowing myself to be drawn out of intimacy with you by giving into my own fleshly, and carnal desires.

I cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God. I bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

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