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How Lord?

Proverbs 2:2-5 We are instructed to incline our ears unto wisdom and apply our heart to understanding. We are to cry after knowledge and lift up our voice to understanding. We are encouraged to seek for her as for silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures. Then shall we understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

How Lord? How do I incline my ear?

Lean into His word, to bow to His word, to humble yourself before God for it is the Lord alone who give us wisdom. In order to receive it we must lean into it to hear. In the name of Jesus

How Lord? How do we apply our heart to understanding?

With close attention we must make use of the word of God in which we receive and study to gain the understanding that He gives us. To apply our hearts is to draw our focus with a sincere desire to learn, receive, and understand the word.

We are to cry after knowledge, but Lord how? How do I cry after knowledge?

To cry after knowledge is to deeply desire it. To hunger for it! To seek after it? To chase it!

Not only are we to apply our hearts to understanding (which I love this) Look at the word deeply it does not say apply understanding to your heart. See understanding just is. It is the comprehension of the knowledge of something, and God is saying apply your heart to comprehend the knowledge of my word. Not apply my word to comprehend the knowledge of your heart.

His word is speaking loudly, we just have to silence ourselves and turn our heart to the Father and from the things around us that do not add days to our lives.

How do we seek for her (Wisdom) as for hidden treasure Lord? What does that look like?

To go to, to search out, to ask, to discover, to aim for. Do you want to know something in all this I am hearing TIME, FOCUS, INTENTION. To seek for wisdom, you must dedicate your time, energy, focus, and heart to finding this treasure that only God can give. Really opening the word and not giving up when you do not understand it. You seek to understand by asking the Father to talk with you and make the word applicable to your life, and real to your spirit, soul, heart, and mind. Allow the word to draw you to true dialogue with our Abba Father.

The word of the Lord says, when we do these things then we will understand the fear of the Lord and find the true knowledge of God.

The very first portion of this scripture Proverbs 2:1 instructs receive these words and hide the commandments with us. I focused on the above scriptures because that is where I was drawn to. The validity in this verse

still stands. Above tells us how to receive so we can hide the commandments we will learn through the word of God in our hearts. In Jesus name amen

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