I AM - Because of You Lord

I am

I am whole

I am complete

I am loved by God

I am chosen

I am anointed

I am a royal priesthood

I am called

I am prestigious

I am adequate

I am beautifully and wonderfully made

I am the head

I am a lender

I am liberated

I am a worshipper of God

I am full of bliss

I am blessed

I am guided by the Spirit of the Lord

I am enough

I hear the voice of my Father and Obey what my Father tells me

I am favored by God and man

I am kind

I am pleasant

I am fruitful

I multiply

I am Love

I am yielded to the light of Christ

I am whole

I am healed

I am bold

I am fearless

I am at peace

I am well spoken

I am gifted

I am called

I am supported by the Kingdom of God

In Jesus name amen

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