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I am free to breathe, I am free to love, I am free to smile, I am free to say NO, I am free to say Yes, I am free to wake up each morning and embrace my beautiful, caramel skinned self, I am free to be happy, I am free to live happy, I am free to not answer a call, I am free to answer a call, I am free to live in the fullness of purity. I am free! I am free to aim beyond the sky even when there is no applause, I am free to believe in me, and recognize I am standing tall. I am free to stand in courage and bow in humility, I am free, I am free to be me!

I am free to love me for I have that choice, I am free to not compromise, and know that nothing has to be forced. I am free to let go, I am free to hold on, I am free to make the decisions in my life that keeps me going strong. I am free…

I am free to believe the freedom in my mind, I am free to choose in making free my belief. I am free to limit myself or free to soar. So with my freedom I cleave to God for I am free to receive what He has in store.

You see this day I am choosing the freedom to love me, to love on me, to embrace love in me, as well as embrace the love around me. I am free to be… yes, I am free to be, so I choose too freely be me.

I declare with my freedom I allow myself to make mistakes and cover myself in love with a warm embrace. Embracing the grace I typically am so eager to give however in this case I extend that grace to myself so I can fully live.

I declare with my freedom I freely see the inner beauty and outer beauty God created me to be.

Smiling at myself and checking my own self out! No need for a compliment, for I am reminded within myself this beauty is self-knowing, so it cannot be taken. Not depended upon man (humans) so the love an embrace of my own beauty will not be tainted.

I declare with my freedom I am checking how I am feeling about me, always coming up for air so I can breathe!

This day and every day I am free! In Jesus name amen

Signed No Longer Scarred,

By India Faith

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