I Choose Me

The beauty about life is we can take it one step at a time. One breath at a time one situation at a time. One moment at a time.

Life is just beginning for me! Life is just beginning for me. I say that because here I am at 39 years old at a stand still in life to find out life’s discoveries. I speak to life! Life I say what is in me. What are the beautified places of transparency within me? I have been here breathing and seeing, and yet never stopping and allowing myself to miss a beat from society so I can truly see me.

Dear Life, here I stand at the end of my ropes, at the end of my win, and at the end of my sin saying find me, so that I can find me. Speak to me softly so that I can hear. Do this, do that, launch this, launch that, You can go here or stay there so many things so many options. But the true option I authentically desire is to simply choose me. Choose the life that is in me and discover it deep. The wealth of richness, the butterflies, and the smiles. The dancing in the rain, the twirling in the sand. I believe this is within on a God filled land. May I land on and in me this day! There so many questions so many questions, people ask. What if I do not know the answers is that all bad. So many ideas we are bombarded with, so many ideologies they all say to start with.

What if the real start is starting off slow? Spending time with You and seeking God on which way to go. What if the next step is simply to be, be everything within you authentically. What if the adventure is self-discovery? What am I and who am I in this God given moment? This sixty second and the breath of fresh air. Am I the consumption of my thoughts, and the words others are speaking to me do I really care? Do I care to know the ins and outs of you what you are going through? Some how I find myself getting lost in all the ills of You. I hear God whispering step a way so I can show You the life You were created to be accustom to.

Maybe I do not fit in your agenda, maybe I do not fit at all, but the realization of me not fitting with you helps me to stand tall. Walking away is good, and staying is bad, but when you walk away walk away to be with God and not to be sad.

Oh, pity me Oh pity me, that is not right we all receive the same air and that is the value of life! Grab a hold of it and be ok with slowing down to find you; you must first be willing to listen to the sound. The sound as the wind blows, the sound of nothingness, the sound of being alone are you willing to take the risk.

This day I choose me, I choose me too authentically be. Allowing myself to enter a room not worried about others and whether they feel I am sufficiently groomed. Allowing God to take me by the hand I can conquer this thing for I know I can.

Lord Jesus I thank you for your commitment to God to die on the cross. So, we can live. What is the life you are living is it sincerely yours or are you living in a way that is not for sure? For sure of the life that God has placed in You. Only until you live from the inside out are You living the true You!

In Jesus name amen. I thank you Lord and honor you this day!

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