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I'm in Awe of You

Lord you are the light of our life, the oxygen within, you are the very beat of our heart and I thank you. Your love for us is pure, your protection for us extend beyond what man can do. You are uncomprehending and yet so tangible. You silence the questioning mind when we look outside and see what is. You make up for everything that is not in our lives for our sufficiency is in you. You alone move upon the heart of man to give into our bosom. You use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. You make the blind man see and the dead man alive. You give light and life to that which is dark and dead. You are unfathomable and yet so real. I open my heart to you this day and welcome you I deny myself the pleasure of the things that satisfy me and separate me to learn of the power within me. The spirit, the nature, the image, likeness of the character of God that is in me for you have made your abode in my heart. I continue to make room for you, make space for you, as I adore you and make love to you with the fruit of my lips. Life what is life without you? There is not… There is not life without you because You absolutely are Life Himself. You Bir

th life the life that was in you and the life that you are, you made us a living soul. You breathe the breath of life into the nostril of man, and He (we) became a living soul. You only had to blow one time and the breath through Adam extended to everything living. My God I am in Awe of you this day! Thank you for introducing me to you, through you I am now being introduced to me and I thank you in Jesus’s name amen

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