I Smile!

I smile because I woke up this morning. Not on my own, but God saw fit that I will be on this earth alive today, so I smile!

I smile honestly because it makes me feel good, It makes me feel light, It makes me feel right, so I smile!

I smile because of Christ, the awareness that He is inside of me waiting on me to settle myself and enter in, oh boy how I smile.

I smile because Holy Spirit inside of Jesus Christ that gave Jesus the strength to endure the cross, the same God that rose Him from the dead is the same God inside of me, so I smile!

I smile because I am loved

I smile because I am chosen by God

I smile because I am adopted into His family whereby, I cry Abba Father.

I smile because the oil of God will flow through us all as we surrender!

Proverbs 15:13

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance!

In Jesus name amen


Dear Father,

Today we come before your throne with a smile on our face, because of a merry heart. We pray for your forgiveness of the sin we have committed through our sinful nature, the flesh. We ask that you receive our prayer this day!

We choose to think on all the wonderful things you’ve done for us, and how you’ve told us who we were. We honor you this day because of your endless beauty, righteousness, purity, and truth. We desire to be more like you! Holy Spirit teach us and show us the way to surrender and allow Your Spirit to live through us from the inside out. We will forever give you the glory, the praise, and the honor for you are worth it all in Jesus’ name amen.

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