I Validate Me - Because God has Already Validated Me

At this moment I must admit, and I must be truthful I have been looking for someone to give me a chance. Unintentionally searching… I just thought that this is the way it goes.

I have been looking for someone to validate me to make me a part.

But what I realized God has created something in me that has already given me a start

You know I cannot even for real say whose validation I have been waiting on

As a matter of fact, as I sit here allowing myself to stop and think all along it has been me. I have been waiting on me to validate me

So today I say India Faith be free to do what God has placed inside of you and live abundantly,

Acceptation is good, and rejection is safety. But remember neither one gives you your validity

In this moment and on this day, I choose me. I validate me! And this is the part of me choosing to live life free in Jesus’ name amen

God has already validated me when He created me! So the validation I need is me, believing in me in Jesus name amen

Believe in you!

Signed No Longer Scarred,

India Faith

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