In This Moment

Good Morning and God Bless you all this day! My hopes is that you are encouraged and smiling! My hopes is that you can close your eyes and say thank you Jesus. You can see all that He has protected you from despite all that you have gone through. My hopes is that you can began to praise God from the place of what did not happen instead of focusing on what has happened that is displeasing and uncomfortable.

May I encourage you this day to invite the Lord in! Into your heart, into your thoughts, into your atmosphere. Invite Him into your body to make His abode in you! Does the Lord have a resting place in you? May I encourage you this day to establish a place for Him as a matter of fact allow Him to consume your space, to take over your space! Space meaning, your mind, your heart, your spirit, your soul. May we love God with all of our being this day.

May we be honest and say Lord I am so burden, I am so perplexed, I am so heavy laden that the consumption of circumstance have consumed me.

I need you to rescue me, and yet I struggle with the surrender to be rescued. There are so many ways that I am told to come to you it becomes overwhelming so I choose to remain where I am, because that is what I know how to do and this is a pain I am use to. So Father, I am coming to you I am coming to you to show me the way your way that you designed specifically for me. My eyes are full of tears, and my heart is full of uncertainty, but I choose to trust you. Rescue me from the inner me, from the fear of what's unknown as I navigate this new territory. I am yours! I declare you to be the head of my life. As for me and my household we will serve you in Jesus name amen

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