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Journey with Christ Not with Religion

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Religion is that which causes you to be embarrassed from that which God has delivered you from the very hell that He found you in and extended you His grace. Religion turn their nose up as if they were not once you.

I am you and you are me no matter where we are God is the only one that saves and completes! Stand up and never forget where God has rescued you from it is a beautiful thing that God constantly turn death into life and renew and reconcile us

How can one reach if they are ashamed. God did not call us to sit and be cute and tuck ourselves away. He called us to rejoice and share the joy of salvation through our testimony as Holy Spirit gives unction.

You may not have been in the Casinos, you may not have lived life on the track, you may not even have snorted coccain and sold dope to your aunties and uncles, but you may have slept with the pastor, you may have been tied up in pornography, schemes, murdering, bitterness, hatred, an evil thought life. No matter where you are and what you are doing or have done God sees it, God knows it. We maybe able to mask it well from man but never from God.

So as you journey truly journey with Christ and not religion.

For Christ makes you unashamed and shout it from the rooftop not for attention, but to allow others to recognize through the hand of God the love of God the mercy of God the long suffering of God, the invitation of salvation through our Savior Jesus Christ the death we are and maybe living in can be transformed to life with one encounter.

It is I Be NoT afraid is what He told me in that Hotel Room. He talked to me He cradle me in His arms He is my Adonai the master of my soul my heart my being my spirit for He created it all and rules all and I bow the fullness of all that I am to Him and nothing else matters except that I obey, respond, worship, honor, reverence, glorify, and breathe unto Him to bring Him what is due.

My sister Myesha reminded me today, God He is Elohim alone (The Creator)There was not one before Him nor will there be one after Him . For He is in Jesus name amen 🌹🕊


Signed No Longer Scarred

India Faith 🌹🕊

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