Just Come

There are so many things that weighs my heart Father God, so many voices that try to teach the way. However, the best way is just to come, come as you are, come as imperfect as you are. Recognize despite our imperfections, we are still approaching a Perfect God, Holy God, the only God the one who deserves everything we are, the One who deserves our worship and honor.

I just need You Lord, you are Abba you are enough, and the He that I need! When do we start? Where do we start? We start right where we are. The question is where is your start? Is your start the start of doing, or the start of God dealing and securing the foundation of You? Your mental, and emotional state. The projection in which you see yourself (your future) How can you properly project your future when You are hiding from Your current reality. Not the reality in which others see, or what they think. But the reality of you; the you inside of you! The one only You and God see. Sit with her or him for a while (meaning yourself). Reflect inwardly on who You really are inwardly and start there. Let God have free range there. Allow yourself the pleasure of seeing You, your heart, your motives, your emotions, and feelings. Ask yourself are they pure? Ask God are they pure in His sight?

Better we want, better does not come by doing and producing in the earth, better comes by sitting with You. Learning to love you the fullness of self and accepting You. Then releasing all that you are at the foot of God’s alter, allowing Him alone to pick you up, for He has created you as His clone. In all that you are; you are enough! God knows exactly what to do with you.

What is your true hearts cry, not what anyone else can see and or what they perceive there is a place within us all that is hidden an only God can reach? May you find yourself sitting at His feet.

One question did You know that God is more real than this life on earth, He is more real than the tangible things we see and feel and can touch. He is actually real. His existence is for real. My God He just is so real, and I am so thankful to know. He does not have to do anything more in my life for me

to believe He is, to Believe He just is!

God bless you all!

Signed No Longer Scarred,

By India Faith

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