Life Is Found In You!

I just want to say thank You Lord,

because life is found in You,

life is because of You, life is YOU!

And I thank you I thank you for this moment.

I thank you because I am able to stand here full of life.

I thank you for restoration of life

I thank you that Jesus has come that we may have life and have it more abundantly!

That means Lord You come that we can have it, but that does not mean we are automatically going to get it and or obtain it.

For it's through the acceptance of Jesus Christ alone.

It's accepting Him that He is, that he is, that He is, that He is!

That He is the Son of God!

That He is the way the truth and the Life!

As we follow Him life opens up to us in the perspective and the experience of His original intent.

I really am grateful, and I pray that each and every day that we wake up not just myself but each and every one of us I pray that we receive life! That we receive Jesus Yeshua because He is the way the truth and the life and through the receiving of Yeshua, we all begin to know God YHWH

His Sovereignty His very existence!

It is His Spirit on the inside of us.

It is through the acceptance of Jesus Christ, acknowledgement, and surrender to Holy Spirit within us (which is God on the inside of us) that we get to experience YHWH.

That we actually get to be in relationship with YHWH

He is the breath of life!

Lord, I thank you and I honor you today that you are the very breath that we breathe. You are the very existence of life on the inside of us.

Oh my Jesus I thank you that we can live because of You

We can live here on earth in the realm of Heaven

Heaven is brought to earth through our relationship with You

Your divine governance rules and takes place on the inside of us

and Your Kingdom is in our heart

The Kingdom of God the Kingdom of Heaven is in our Heart and in our spirit

it shapes our soul, it shapes our perspectives, it shapes our emotions, and it shapes who we are!

Father I thank you for building your character in me. Lord I thank you for building your character in my children

Lord I thank you for building your character in the sons and the daughters of the Living God

No matter our ages God we praise and lift your name on high. You are worthy to be praised and exalted. I thank You for being my strong tower. I thank You for being my way maker! I thank You Lord I thank you in Jesus name amen

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