Lord I cannot Afford to Miss You.

And it seems to often I am missing you when you call, when you prompt, when you say stop, and when you say no India not this time you are not available. Availability is not contingent upon whether you are doing something in that moment. It is contingent upon whether you have the capacity and or if God has given you the grace and authority to move forward. Often times we are attempting to move forward when God is simply saying stop. Stop with your plans, stop with your thoughts, stop with your grand idea, and stop moving with the flow of the current. I am God and I have called you to swim against the current. I have called you to swim to the center where there is no bottom, so you can stay afloat and see that is me. When I created you, I did not call you to go with the majority I created you to stand out, and to stand up. Stand up for me, stand up for me. I called you to be the one, to be the voice to speak the truth and lie not, allow your consciousness to bear truth with Holy spirit. My child I need you to understand the joy in my correction for in my correction is grace, love, mercy, and another chance. My spirit will not always strive with man, but this is your opportunity to fall on your knees, repent, surrender, obey, and follow me so that my spirit will always strive, and reside in You! Do not despise when you are corrected by the Almighty. I am your Father, and I love you. Many are called and few are chosen. Will you accept the call? Will you submit to being chosen and speak that which others wont out of fear of not being accepted. See to enter in the Kingdom of Heaven is slim, straight, and narrow. We make rules of justification, giving God’s honor to the universe, to sources, to people, and even to ourselves. But if we repent really with our hearts and open our souls to truth. Tell Him (God) I do not believe but help me to believe. Show me the truth of your existence. He will if you really want, for God is a great Father and does not withhold you from your heart’s desire, the desire to truly get to know him, to learn of Him, and to learn from Him.

It is often in my own faults in wrongdoings I see the truth of God. It is in myself evaluation I learn of Him more and more. Dear Heavenly Father I repent for not stopping. I repent for keep going, I repent for believing a lie that is subconscious. You are always right! It is time for me to believe again, it is time for me to drop to my knees again. It is time for me to cry out again, it is time for me to lay at your feet again. I draw back to draw in. I draw back from myself, from others to draw into God. For I know what I need, and more importantly God my Abba Father knows exactly what I need. He is the main show, the main event, and more importantly the reason. So dear Father in Heaven I repent in Jesus name amen

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