Lord Please Restore

Good Evening

Father God! I love you this day, we love you on this day. May we settle ourselves and approach your throne of grace to receive your mercy in this day of trouble.

We lift our hands in representation of a surrendered heart to you. We bow our knees in representation of our humbled heart toward you. We love you just because you are! You are God and there is no other source outside of you that we are willing to take our chances on. Everything outside of you Father has failed. Taken away sleep, taken away days from our lives, taken away joy, and a pure happiness within.

This day we return to our creator, our source, the one who is life and wisdom, and we ask for your forgiveness of our sins in word, thought, and or deed. May our hearts and minds be purified and circumcised back to You this day Lord. Lord we ask that you restore, restore our mind, our heart, our spirit, our soul, our perspectives, and our joy? Only you can do it. What we need is only found in You! Who we need is You! We thank you in advance for transforming us from the inside out for your glory alone.

We will forever give you the glory, the honor, and the praise. In Jesus name amen!

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