Mindfulness of God's Goodness

Lord I say thank you! Thank you for the air that I breathe. You have been soooooo good to me. You have shown up for me, and my children in ways unexpected. Lord, you have never neglected us. I cast the fullness of my life and the lives of my children in your hands. I am literally taking a moment to smile! Over the next few days, I am going to allow myself to process. Process what just happened. Replay, replay each scene, each moment, each conversation, each feeling. Then

I want to talk to you about it, about what just took place, what we just received, and what we gave to others.

My prayer is that you are satisfied. My prayer is that you were pleased, and honored!

Father God in the name of Jesus I am forever grateful unto you. And myself, my seed, my bloodline we are forever yours. Thy will be done in Jesus name amen.

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