Morning Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven we thank on this day simply because You are! Simply because you are I AM that I AM; we are who we are, and I thank you. We are the righteousness of God by Faith in Christ Jesus. You simply are beauty! It is You alone that is before all things dear Lord and by You all things consist in the name of Jesus. So, this day we humble ourselves before your throne with honor, reverence, lifting up Holy Hands in worship and sweet surrender to You Abba Father. God you alone are our witness, and we serve you in our spirit through the gospel of your son and we thank you for the gospel and we thank you for your son, and we thank you for your Holy Spirit. Father where we have become blinded, help us to see again, please restore our sight and our joy in salvation. That we may serve You the way you deserve to be served, so that we may serve our brothers and our sisters, so we may serve those who are hungry, and without. So, we can love again with out limitations and contingencies. May we remember You alone is before all; you alone are the head of the body (the church). Lord with you being the head it is you that guide us into all truth, that you may be glorified. Jesus you are the beginning the firstborn of the dead. In all things dear Lord, you are supreme in Jesus name amen. may we always remember who you are and know that because of you; your plan and design it is you that gives meaning to why we are in Jesus’ name amen amen and amen

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