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My Hearts Pour

Good Morning to you this day Lord! Today I thank you because You just are. You are self-existing; you are from everlasting to everlasting. There is absolutely none like You Father. You are the Highest Supreme. You alone are Supreme! You are the Supreme Authority and have the final say in all things. You are breath! You are life!

Father I wont rush You, I will not rush our time together, nor will I rush the process of destiny. May my heart be in sync with my steps. The steps I take that are orchestrated by You. May all my steps be ordered by You Lord.

This day I let go of my plan and the very thought that I know what you are doing and how you are doing what you are doing. The unknown and uncertainty is what keeps me in Your face bowed at your throne humbly to receive direction, instruction, and wisdom for the next decision. I speak Courage this day into my life, into my spirit, into my soul, into the very thought of my mind, and the words I speak no matter what they are.

May the words of my mouth, the meditation of my heart, and even the thought of my mind be acceptable in your site. May my personality align with your character. Continue to build me morally and in integrity. Continue to identify all that is in me that is not integrous and righteous and let me not run from it, acknowledge it is there. Repent truly to You and set my face to Your word and not so much my daily task that you may rebuild me. I am created in your image and likeness, I follow my savior and mimic what I have seen in Him through Your word, and our relationship.

Yes, we need power and authority to fight against the enemies in our life’s spiritual wickedness in high places, the rulers of the darkness of this world, powers, and principalities. But Lord those are tools to be used by You and above the tools I want You. I want to be in a love relationship with You. Daughter to Father, as I honor you daily interacting with my Heavenly Family. The Kingdom of Heaven living through me while I am in this earth that man may see your goodness, love, compassion, correction as Father and come to you, seek you, bow to You, surrender, and submit to You.

May all that are yours cry from the depths of their souls Yesssssssssss Lord, yes to your will, yes to your way. Jesus is Lord and Savior my Lord and Savior. The Lord of my life, Jesus is the example of life that I will obey and follow. May men cry out Lord come into my heart and make Your abode in me. May we desire You again. Dear Heavenly Father please forgive me of my sin for desiring things above the desire to be in a pure relationship with You.

Father God here I am I surrender to You this day! Have your way in Jesus’s name amen.

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