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My Soul Is Smiling

Man, it is nothing like waking up with the joy of the Lord. The Joy of the Lord to start your day! To greet you when you open your eyes it is nothing like it. To wake up with your mind in the right place, and your heart turned to the Father. I embrace you this day Father God the fullness of your God Head. You are the hierarchy of the life of my children and me.

Something happened. While I slept at night something happened. Transformation has taken place! Yesssssss Lord Hallelujah. I surrender and submit. Conquer Holy Ghost of God inside of me, conquer every lie with the truth of God’s word. Conquer every insecurity with the truth of your presence with me. I am not weak, nor beggarly. I am ROYALTY, PECULIAR, ONE OF A KIND, BEATUIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. I AM NOT ALONE! For EMMANUEL IS WITH ME.

I thank you dear Heavenly Father for being with me everywhere I go. I thank you for speaking to Holy Spirit telling Him what to tell me, and how to lead me. The spirit of truth is in me, and the spirit of truth is leading me into all truth, and I thank you!

This day I am filled with gratitude unto You! My gratitude is because you are here, you are present, you are teaching me, you are maturing me, you are allowing me to be at the right place at the right time to receive what you desire to pour into my heart, my soul, my mind.

Lord you are so real! Real beyond measure and I love you endlessly in Jesus name amen

This is the day Father you have made, and I truly rejoice in it. Again, I say I rejoice in Jesus name amen

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