Notes From Service - Life Transferred in Jesus name amen

Transformation Church – Michael Todd 4/25 series on Accept the Upgrade - Every word spoken was a confirmation to what God has spoken and revealed to me. I love you Jesus and Holy Spirit yes you are welcome here !!! This day I threw my hands in Jesus name amen

1. Recognize God – God 1.0

2. Receive Jesus – God 2.0

3. Release Holy Spirit – God 3.0

John 14:15-18 – 15:26 – John 16:13 – John 16:7 John 14:16 John 14:26 John 15:26 – Luke 3:22 (descended in bodily form) Acts 5:3, John 14:16

1. Holy Spirit is my teacher

2. Holy Spirit bring all things back to my remembrance that God has spoken to me

3. Holy spirit is my hard drive-he releases all things that God has spoken to Him into me

4. Holy Spirit is my assurance

5. He will Speak (Holy Spirit will; speak and testify to me and tell me the things to come

6. Where I go in life is a direct result of listening to Holy Spirit

7. I am an equation man will never be able to solve (if I listen and obey Holy Spirit)

8. My life does not have to have to add up and it will not add up because it is all through Holy Spirit

9. Holy Spirit take me from this to that (that is- living life through the eyes of God by You)

10. Holy spirit is my advantage

11. I have the advantage – the advantage is Holy Spirit

12. It is not coming from me it is the God who hovered over creation he is sitting in me. I have the advantage

13. Stop worrying I have the advantage

14. Once I truly recognize what and who is in me, I can be confident

15. India stop playing myself -by entering in by myself

16. I repent for using the term something told me – Holy Spirit told me

17. I declare I am unmuzzling Holy Spirit

18. When I show up to work, I give my best- solve the problems there.

19. Holy Spirit is in every room – and knows everything

20. I am so sorry God in the name of Jesus for keeping you so low Holy Spirit

21. It is to my advantage to live life through Holy Spirit

22. Rise up in Holy Spirit, and you then will rise in excellence (He lives in me and is alive in me)

23. I have the advantage –

24. Holy Spirit is God

25. God walks with me all the time. I do not act like it – I repent

26. Emmanuel – God is with us. I declare him to be with me (I must declare Emmanuel every day)

27. God – God-God three equal persons in one -different and specific functions in our lives

28. There are parts of my life and walk with Christ I cannot explain only experience.

29. God the Father is the fullness of God

30. I embrace the mystery of God – thank you Lord for telling me and teaching me what I do not know

31. I must allow the Holy Spirit to consume me, so I do not have to be convinced

32. I accept the advantage, I accept the upgrade, I accept Holy Spirit

33. Family is my first ministry

34. Learn to bring out all of me when it is appropriate (when one person of me shows up all of me is there however you will get a different version, but you will always get me.

35. Holy Spirit guides me to the son

36. The Big three is Father, Son, Holy Ghost

37. Father Son Holy Ghost all comes together

38. I repent for telling lies to you

39. Holy Spirit is not just God He is a person (person =mind, will, emotions

40. We think with our mind we desire with our will and feel with our emotions

41. Holy Spirit must be released in my life to think what God thinks, to desire what God desires, and to feel what God feels

42. Ask Holy Spirit for what I need – it is not natural its supernatural

43. I cannot use my natural state as an excuse to not do what God has called me to do in this next season

44. God can give me what I need (please forgive me Lord for not trusting and believing in You God Holy Ghost aka God Holy Spirit)

45. I cannot be led by my natural inclination

46. What have I been saying I do not have that the Holy spirit can give me? Think about it?

47. Stop trying to network and listen to Holy Spirit. Network with Holy Spirit!

48. Stop looking for a come up

49. I must listen to the Holy Spirit.

50. Holy Spirit has a mind

51. Holy Spirit has a will Acts 16:6

52. Holy Spirit has emotions – Fruits and traits of a person (Galatians 5:22-23) Ephesians 4:30

53. My children and I must have characteristics – Holy Spirit will you develop your character in us please.

54. To know God’s will about my life, is to obey God’s time

55. I am choosing to walk around with Holy Spirit as my advantage this day

56. Use the upgrade – I will in Jesus name amen

57. I repent for grieving Holy Spirit this day

58. My sin creates a wedge between the hearing of Holy Spirit, and it breaks intimacy with God Holy Spirit -when I repent, I can hear again and become intimate with God again

59. The worst place in this world is to be in a place where you cannot hear God

60. My sin muffles the Holy Spirit

61. Relationship with Holy Spirit is a free upgrade

62. All I must do is talk to Him, enter in to Him, release myself to Him, and allow Him to enter in and consume me in the name of Jesus amen

63. Jesus sent someone -paracletes to come along side of me.

64. Do not sacrifice what I can gain in the world for my comforter Holy Spirit

65. The Holy Spirit is made and fit for the bed of life I must live in

66. It is time for me to get my weight up-and to stop settling for counterfeits, and to open and release the weight of the Holy Spirit.

67. Holy Spirit has room for me and my family

68. Holy Spirit is the covering that will make sure that we are comforted

69. The only way we are to rest is through having the Comforter (Holy Spirit)

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