Notes From Service - WK1 The Upgrade -Transformation Church

Transformation Church – Michael Todd wk. 1 – The Upgrade – Why would you not accept the Upgrade Holy Spirit/ Why have I not fully accepted the power and the person of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said the Holy Spirit is important. John 13,14,15

John 14:16 – 18 God will give me another helper – Jesus helped us in salvation- Holy Spirit abides with me forever

1. The Holy spirit is a person- He is not just a power, He is not just a presence, He is a person

2. You will never develop a personal relationship with someone you do not see as a person

3. Upon realizing He is a person we will develop a personal relationship with Holy Spirit

4. God is three persons in one –

a. God the Father, 7 days

b. God the Son, 33yrs

c. God the Holy Spirit (He is in Heaven and Earth) Everlasting

5. Holy Spirit please Correct my view of the fullness of you Abba father

6. I repent for treating you as extra Holy Spirit and not seeing you as God for that is who you are in Jesus name amen

7. Jesus is my guide the lead and the example

8. Build my relationship with Holy Spirit - God that is present – The God that still is doing and bringing His will for my life to pass in the name of Jesus amen

9. I am about to see evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit, and it is still God

10. Normalize Holy Spirit – I repent for suppressing you when entering rooms

11. God is about to revolutionize my life with Holy Spirit in Jesus name amen

12. Holy Spirit is my upgrade

13. God says He is my upgrade in the name of Jesus amen

14. Holy Spirit allows us to experience the highest level of life in Christ in the name of Jesus amen

15. Holy Spirit is what Jesus left for us- the upgrade (Hallelujah)

16. God Speaks to us and give us revelation while we are doing and taking care of our natural responsibility

17. I cannot be anchored without the Holy Spirit

18. Holy Spirit is the only person of God here on earth with us in the name of Jesus amen

19. Ability to know where I am at even when I do not know where I am at (Holy Spirit – the Upgrade)

20. Tap into Holy Spirit’s God power so I can experience God the God power in the name of Jesus amen

21. God has a name




Holy Spirit






Sat Apart (Holy)







Please come alive in me right now in the name of Jesus Amen

22. I must discover what God has already provided. God is provider. Holy Spirit help me to discover what God has given me provision for

23. Holy Spirit help me to discover the provisions of God for my life

24. Holy Spirit help me to find out who I am so that I can be the right person to my children, to myself, to my business, to my employer, to ministry, to the body of Christ, to people in general, to family, to my friends, to those who may not particularly care for me and even have a strong hatred against me.

25. Holy spirit helps me to discover who God has created me to be so that I can be the excellent steward in what He has given me

26. Holy Spirit help me to hear God clearly

27. Holy spirit Help with discipline

28. Holy spirit helps me with decision making

29. Holy Spirit Help me to always tell the truth and not lie out of fear

30. Holy Spirit I need you to help me with my finances

31. Holy Spirit please help me with managing my finances

32. Holy Spirit Help me to always choose you always in Jesus name amen

33. It is about what God has already provided

34. When you do not know something, you dehumanize it and do not make it personal

35. What we do not know about is what we make less personal

36. The reason I have made the Holy Spirit less personal is because I do not know him – get to know Him in the name of Jesus amen

37. God the Father current status is set apart and Holy

38. Understand when you have entered into an atmosphere that is not conducive to who you are supposed to be.

39. The only God that is active in this earth today is Holy Spirit. He is active in every part

40. Lord, please forgive me for not recognizing Holy Spirit

41. Holy Spirit make yourself alive to me again in Jesus name amen

42. God the Father who provides who is set apart and Holy who is in Heaven – Our Father which art in Heaven Matthew 6:9

43. Jesus is our savior who finished his assignment and is now seated in Heaven Luke 22:69

44. Holy Spirit is our helper who is right here right now active on earth to help us John 14:16-18

45. The Holy Spirit is not extra He is essential – He is not the sauce He is sirloin He is the meat of it.

a. Holy Spirit is always with us He is there in my right and in my wrong

b. He is not the third wheel Holy Spirit is God in the name of Jesus amen

c. Helper – Holy Spirit

46. The Holy Spirit is my Help

47. Holy Spirit is better suited to help me – Holy spirit has been fashioned formed and suited to help me in the name of Jesus amen

48. Holy Spirit what is God’s will for my life

49. When I step out, I cannot step out in to the dark. I must stay in step with the light

50. How do I get there- read my bible for the steps-ask?

51. There is a specific will of God for my life – I must go to Holy Spirit for the specific will of God for my life example who to marry, ect

52. We are presented with all kinds of options that is why it is imperative that we seek Holy Spirit to direct us with specific instructions for the specific will of God for our lives

53. There is a general will for my life I can find through the bible to take steps

54. I repent for me to You Holy Spirit

55. God will allow every failure I made turn in to a testimony to help millions of people – It is only through Holy Spirit

56. Get back into position so I can step in the light

57. I need to get in connection with people that are not like I use to be in the name of Jesus amen

India Faith accept the upgrade! Accept Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus amen.

Do not stop at just receiving Jesus but receive the fullness of life by releasing Holy Spirit

58. I need to hear and receive a word from you. Holy Spirit help me

59. Holy Spirit is ready to Help me

60. If I am committed to the upgrade of my life once I release Holy Spirit in my life, He will be with me forever in Jesus name amen

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