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Perfect Soundness Comes from Christ!

The Faith that comes through Jesus is what gives me perfect soundness in the presence of others and even when I am alone in Jesus' name amen

Sometimes we need soundness when we are by ourselves and outside of the presence of others. Often times it is the times when we are alone, we begin to see our crippled ways whether they are physically mentally spiritually emotionally financially but it’s binding and limiting. I am here to remind you this day as I remind myself the same Faith that comes through Jesus, the Faith we must possess in Him in the presence of others is the same Faith you must have in Him when you are alone.

When you cannot see pass what you see, when you cannot feel pass what you feel. It is the Faith that we have whether we are in the presence of others or by ourselves that gives us our sight and restores vision.

Who need their vision restored? When vision is restored, our sight is corrected. When our sight is corrected our focus is adjusted

Lord blesses with the sight to see! Touch our eyes and cause us to see!

We are created and called to stand up straight in all things. In character in speech, I’m understanding in wisdom in Faith in Love in Submission in Obedience in Abiding

The word of God tells us to submit. In all that we want to do and in all we want to conquer according to the will of God takes submission.

I’ve had to analyze myself and say ok Lord where do I lack submission? What in me is convoluted and distorted because something about this life I am seeing, and feeling is not adding up to the truth of our relationship and Your word.

May I close my eyes and see a clear picture of the God vision not man influenced or even self-imposed. But Lord, you called me, and you are completely dependable. I will not lay down and die but I will stand up straight. Starting in my mind in the name of Jesus.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but may we… I and you never forget the part of this Holy and True word that tells us it is through Christ in Jesus name amen.

Today I bow in reverence but stand in strength and declare that I will you will we will do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Standing in Faith Believing through Faith Speaking in Faith and standing on Faith walking by Faith produces in us the power to see beyond what you see to bring the God vision to pass. Lord Your Kingdom come your will be done in earth as it is in Heaven in Jesus Mighty name amen

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