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Pour Out Your Heart

Good Morning Jesus, Good Morning Holy Spirit, Good Morning Father God! This day I pour my heart out to you, this day I say Lord I love you. This day I say Lord I thank you. I thank you for not consuming me in my sin and in my wrong, I thank you for not consuming me in your fury when I choose to gratify my flesh and not walk in your spirit.

Lord it is your mercy and your grace that has kept me. It is the purpose you placed inside of me you constantly protect. I may not have understood it, but you love what is yours and you protect what is yours! I thank you that I am yours. Everything I have is yours an all that I am is yours.

Today I repent of my sins, the sin of not fully accepting the life in Christ you have given me, the sin of disobedience and fear. Lord Help me in the most deepest parts of my being and grow me in to complete righteousness as you prune the garden of my life.

I yearn to know the fullness of your beauty and to yield to your spirit that your beauty will live in me beautifying the world all that I come in contact with. I desire to leave a sweet fragrance the fragrance of Christ in every room I enter. Purify my heart Lord, sanctify my heart Lord.

All of us who desire and do not know the way may you be our Great Shepherd leading us who desire to be led in Jesus name amen.

Be glorified Abba Father!

As your word speaks in Deuteronomy 30:6 Lord our God circumcise our hearts, and the heart of our seed, to love you lord God with all our hearts, and with all of our souls, that we may live in Jesus name amen.

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1 comentário

Kesha Shawree
Kesha Shawree
09 de mar. de 2021

Thank you for sharing this today. The prayer really spoke to me and has blessed my soul this day.😀

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