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Prepared ~ God said prepare. Now for many of us we think it’s something we ought to do externally. Gain more knowledge, skills, money, clout, connections, networks, etc.

God says “NO” Prepare. I am commanding the preparation of the heart to receive my plan which includes the ability to obtain, maintain, and steward well the skills that I have given you, knowledge and understanding that I am revealing and making known  to you, for the plan and direction I will lead you in.

"Prepare"says the Lord.

Prepare your hearts through yielding to my word, the correction, and conversion of my word.

Allowing Holy Spirit to convict your heart with the light of Christ being shined on those dark places within.

Preparing in and for the Kingdom of God to be revealed in you is different from the preparation of the world.

It looks like studying His word to show yourself approve!

Inclining your ear, listening intently (with expectation) so your soul shall live!

It looks like allowing the ailments of your heart to be shown to you with out denying admitting you’re undone and repenting, turning from the wicked ways we have embraced.

It looks like being washed under the blood!

It looks like accepting Christ to be our Savior and Holy Ghost to be your guidance!

It looks like denying all of self to submit to the full Authority and Spirit of God through Christ Jesus!

It looks like being transformed by the renewing of our mind!

It looks embracing the new creation you are and crying out Abba Father!

It looks like seeking His face and tarrying until deliverance come!

It looks like being free to love unconditionally!

It looks like talking to the Lord and admittedly being transparent about what’s in Our heart and mind that’s not of Him.

Being honest about your need of Him!

If your heart is for God and you desire to live unto Him, prepare, that you will not miss His move, elevation, and next in your life. He requires of us the totality of our being!

His word says we are to bear good fruit. Any tree that does not bear GOOD fruit is torn Dawn and burned.

May we walk circumspectly before the Lord not as unwise, but wise in Jesus name amen 🌹🕊

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