I am reminded this day, that I am loved by God. In the embracing of His love, I am reminded I can love myself freely. Loving me freely is to pay attention to the me inside of me and cultivating her accordingly!

A few days ago, Holy Spirit gave me a word “Pulchritude” meaning beauty! Physical Comeliness… Our beauty is worth living in. Our light is worth shinning. Our hope is worth hoping, and our believing is worth believing.

May I remind you of the endless pulchritude you are, and the unlimited possibilities that awaits you in life. We are limitless!

Often as we are reaching, we must tell ourselves this continually. I India Faith am Limitless. Say it, say your name and remind yourself that you are limitless.

As I sat in service today, I was reminded to question that for which am I reaching? I can obtain it! Whatever you are reaching for you can obtain it. God wants to bless us, bless His creation. We must collaborate with Him and not against Him. Working against God is working against ourselves and our destiny.

May the well of His eternity flow through you and me. May the well of His endless possibilities remain accessible to both you and me. I am reminded this day as I sit to write; You alone are the ultimate love and possibility Father God. You Alone Abba Father are the gift inside of me.

I praise you forever, and I love with every ounce of my know how. I love you Abba Father in Jesus name amen.

Remember God is the gift inside of you!

Signed No Longer Scarred

By India Faith

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