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Proverbs 11:14 King James Version 14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. You know I never really realized how unsafe I felt until I stepped in the presence of someone that made me feel safe, from the core of my being, wise counsel was there and there is safety in the multitude of wise counsel. My God I made danger my safety net and safety a sign of danger. We have been fooled long enough. I know that I have for sure. I pray that we all get to know what safety looks like, feels like, sounds like and run to it. I pray we trust what is safe and go and deny what is danger and flee. Our lives will take a divine change for the better. My God I cannot even articulate how I need to articulate it. To be in the presence of men and women of God and feel safe you know Holy Spirit has done a complete work. His Spirit is real. Just as much as I have not been safe with people; people have not always been safe with me. Safety is not limited to like physical harm or killing, safety with your heart, safety with your secrets, safety with one’s intentions towards you, their motives towards your life. May we take on the form of wise council so that safety maybe found in us. That’s all I desire is that safety is found in me when one come, and that I find myself in safe spaces, and relationships. That their soul is protected and covered, there is no Ill thought, no wrong motive, no secret desire nothing but pure authentic wise council, love, respect, and hope for another’s better. Jesus Holy Spirit of the living God (God Himself transform me into your beckon of light where mankind can find light, love, rest, and safety in me because of your presence! God you will prevail Heaven will prevail and govern the earth through your people Here I am Lord Here I am here is my hand that I may walk with You as Enoch walked with you. Here is my heart that I may worship you as David worshipped you Here is my soul that I may follow You as I am created to follow You. Here I am Lord God here I am! In Jesus name amen

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