The Enemy in My Inner Me

The enemy in my inner me does not want me to win. The enemy in my inner me is the one who talks the most in my head. The enemy in my inner me is set out to leave me for dead.

What will I choose?

Will I choose the enemy in me? Or will I choose the life in me, slay the enemy in my inner me and pronounce it as dead? I will kill the warp philosophy an ideology that I have believed; that my soul has cleaved to causing me to believe all the lies around me and in me. For it is not true it’s all a lie, if I could but dig deep pass the lies inside and really see who abides.

My King is greater than the enemy inside of me, we will slay this dragon and I will rise in victory! I have a treasure within, and the goal of the enemy is to never allow me to see it, believe it nor live from it. But I am here to destroy the great conflict and be resurrected back to life in Christ, be resurrected even in my mind.

In our soul is where we war, and it is our soul that tries to become our enemy through the influence of satan how he manipulates what we’ve experienced and how we see. But I am fighting for my soul because there will no longer be an enemy inside of me. We must kill the enemy within So, we can be in unity with God In unity with ourselves In unity with others

Be strong and decide to stand up and fight that your soul may live in Jesus’ name amen

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