The Spirit Behind The Word

We attempt to read the word to understand it, and try to live out all of its commands, but we fail.

Why do we fail at it? Because we try to live it out of ourselves, outside of relationship. Outside of asking the true Author for understanding of his writing, the knowledge of His writing, the wisdom of His writing, and the spirit of His writing.

It is not the mere writings of the word of God, but it is the spirit of God who is the Word Himself. It is the very nature of Christ in whom we are being conformed to through His word.

We must seek for a heart to understand and as we ask, he gives. As we seek Him and His word it separates us from our own-self and motives. We shall find Him as we knock on His door through prayer. The door will be opened!

His word is created for us to find Him, to give us access to Him, to learn of Him, His ways. To find the spirit and life behind what has been written, and when you find His spirit, you find life, and can live free not bound to things, stuff, past, etc. in Jesus name amen!

May we find Christ this day through the word of God in Jesus name amen

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