This One Is For Me, and Yet For You Too!

Lord I am full when I am walking in your spirit, and empty without You. Lord I am overfilled with joy when I rest my mind on You, and completely disannul when my mind shifts from You. Lord You complete me. Absolutely complete me. My completion and wholeness are in You alone. To often we allow our minds to shift into this unknown place of uncertainty and what if’s. This is a place of bondage and literally mental jail. I am learning the best thing to do is to face it. What is the worst that can happen? You become free? Is free so bad? I thought free is what we were striving for, but somewhere in our freedom we submit to bondage. I declare I am using my freedom in my free will to literally be free. Free to the full capacity in which Jesus died for me. When you are trapped by everything that surrounds you there is no true freedom for you are suffocating within, slowly dying, and yet inwardly screaming so loud. You know what the problem is? Screaming inside no one can hear you but making moves outwardly self can see You and that is what’s important self being able to see just who God created You to be. See I am on a search for self, freedom in the Kingdom of God, because He promised it to me. He said whom the Son has set free is free indeed. I am not searching for freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want for selfish reasons and boastful satisfaction. I desire to be free in obedience to do and live out His will without second guessing, being ruled by fear, and submitting to the lies that drown me on the inside. My prayer is Lord rid me of me, and what life use to be. Transform my mind, so I can look up and find. Find all the promises and truth of your word inside, so as I navigate through this earth I am no longer going through blind. Jesus is the Author and Finisher of my Faith and You know what my Faith does not look like Yours, Jesus is revealing to me day by day really what the Faith inside of me is for real. See I am not looking to be approved, or to build a name. My sole purpose is to lift up Jesus name, as I lift Him up our God will be glorified. I praise God Hallelujah from stopping me from committing suicide. See it is not just You it was me too, but nothing is to hard for God not even that which tried to defeat me. It is a matter of the mind the thoughts that are planted do not yield to it Jesus is there so do not take Him for granted. The word of God says my thoughts are Higher than your thoughts and my ways are beyond your ways. Why do you think He said take on the mind of Christ? That was to keep you from jumping over the ledge. Your life has value and there is nothing wrong with You. Please stop believing the lies so God’s vision of life for You can come true. Each and every day He gives You new breath. New air to breathe. if you were not valuable, He would say Your time is up, its time for You to leave. You are worth more than you know full of beauty and light. Despite the demons that try to fight you everything will be alright. Dig deep into the word of God to get Your strength to know exactly who You are so we can come together so the enemy can get lynched. The word reminds us one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight. If we come together, we would conquer for we are the body of Christ. May we love and forgive, and be grateful Christ is our friend. I love you all much, I love me too, but God Himself loves us through all eternity.

Be encouraged, do not sleep on You, slowdown for Yourself so God can show You how to show up for You. In Jesus name amen.


India Faith

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