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Today’s Prayer 5/5/2022

Dear Lord,

We are eternally grateful for your everlasting love. We embrace the sweetness of your love, and the gentleness of your touch! We thank you for the gift of free will. The choice to choose you and praise you when there is chaos and the choice to honor you when there is peace. May our heart, submission, and the decision to choose you and obey you with our free will never change based on circumstances! When that moment come of testing May we stand in the same heart posture of submission and obedience as we did when you spoke your promises in to us. Where and when we fall short please forgive us and strengthen us as we admit our short comings and weakness. Lord it is your word that we hide in our hearts that we will not win against you this day! We love you forever and here is our yes this day in Jesus name amen!

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