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Trials Grow us

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Good Morning and God bless you all this day! May we be reminded on this day that God’s love is everlasting, and His love for us is not measured by what is working out right in our lives. May I remind us that God’s love is immeasurable, it is huge! May our focus be on His love, and not on our needs and or wants. May we find ourselves encouraged deep down in our soul receiving the joy of the Lord. If we can do that, we will not break when the storms come to try us.

I can say I have been going through a bit of a storm, but I am still standing. I thank God for the storm, because it caused me to look inside my own heart and repent. It has allowed somethings to surface in me that I need to release, allow deliverance to take place, repent, and stay in the Lord’s face, and His word so every voided area can be filled with more of Him.

Trials, storms, opposition come as a benefit to our growth despite sometimes the pain, agony, an uncertainty of it all. It reveals the level of our maturity and trust in God. See the Lord wants us to grow up, be mature, immoveable, and confident in Him.

He allowed me to see things had gotten in the way of my first love which is Christ. My heart posture, it was not positioned right and needed a little adjusting. Had these situations not arisen in my life I would not have known there was a need of cleansing, humbling, and surrender.

God loves us with an unconditional, everlasting, eternal type of love that we will never forget. May we not be clouded by the things that come to try us in life but remember life Himself lives in us so we will overcome every obstacle. We are overcomers, but more importantly worshippers and children of the Most High God.

I thank you Abba Father for constantly pruning the garden of my soul, so I am spiritually, emotionally, mentally sound in Jesus name amen.

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