What are we Waking Up To

What are we waking up to each day? Often it varies... For me today I decided to no longer wake up for responsibility, to no longer wake up for my children, to no longer wake up to meet the needs of others, to no longer wake up to go to work. To no longer wake up and face the day in the respect of; what maybe those around me need me to be in their lives. Or, to wake up to answer their call, to answer their questions. No longer waking up for man to help me, or to lead me out of where I am within and the healing within that only Jesus can heal and lead me out of.

Today and everyday from this day forward I wake up to Christ, I wake up to God, I wake up to the mandate through Jesus Christ. I wake up to death, death of self, death of my own desires and satisfaction, I wake up to the death of myself, and my flesh which opposes all that I am truly, the all that I was and am predestined to be and do in the name of Jesus amen. Living out the mandate that was placed in me before I entered my mother’s womb. It is not; wow is me; it is found am I through Christ Jesus!

If I do not die, I actually die. Die to life, die to truth, die to being who I am through God, die to love. I no longer am waking up to the life of fear, callousness, and insecurity.

As I continue to wake up to God through Christ, I wake up to Me, as I wake up to me I then can do all of my responsibilities in and through love, as one who has been set free in Jesus. May we all live a life that wakes us up to God through Christ Jesus. In Jesus name amen.

Signed no Longer Scarred,

By India Faith

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