You are rule over my life Abba!

You are the justification of my favor and forgiveness! You alone are the very beat of my heart, and joy of my soul! I thank you for forever being my strength and guidance. I thank you for you being the one to measure me, to correct me, to teach me, to lead me, and to love me. Take your divine governance over my being, existence, and temple in the name of Jesus!

I lift my hands in representation of my heart yielded, submitted, and surrendered to you. My life is calculated by the one who has gifted me with it, and I thank you Lord. I appreciate you; I am grateful for our relationship, for not only would I be lost, but dead without you in the name of Jesus.

Lord I pray that you take pleasure in my life, and that you alone receive the glory honor and praise from and for it in Jesus name amen.

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