You Are The Simplicity of My Day

Morning glory God! Morning Glory. This day I smile because of you, because I know you are the simplicity of my day. In you I know there are no complications through my surrender. This day I surrender, so that I may be on one accord with you, with Holy Spirit inside of me. This day I intentionally repeat your written word in my mind, so that I may grow stronger in you and be filled with your Might. Your word is sharper than any two-edged sword, it is quick, and it is powerful! I choose this day to use your words to cut down the enemy that comes to consume my mind. To destroy the thoughts, and lies he attempts to tempt me with. I stand on the truth God and in the truth of God’s word, and I drown out every sound, every whisper, every emotional state that has been set out to sabotage my life, my character, and my heart to love freely without judgement. I stand in the authority today and declare my mind is renewed in the name of Jesus amen.

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