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A Carrier of Greatness!


I met sister India on October 17th, 2020 in Atlanta, GA. We met at a church event hosted by Apostle John Michael Mickleney. We had a Holy Ghost encounter together... 

Ever since then, Sister India and I became covenant sisters. One thing I love the most about her is this: she's not ashamed to talk about God. She is a fearless woman. When she prays, she shakes the atmosphere. Strong, powerful, and she really loves God. She has a strong prophetic gift. IShe is a ridiculous giver and a kingdom-builder. I know that God will take her very far because she carries greatness.

- Michelene Verger (Jacksonville, FL)


 3D Pink Flower
Uniquely Set Apart


I have never met anyone like Sis. India until I met Sister India. This lady is truly a warrior of Faith. She has prayed for me on so many occasions. She has ministered to me and encouraged me. When the spirit of the Lord moves upon her heart she flows effortlessly. Steadfast, obedient to the call of the Lord and His Will for her life.

God has gifted her in a unique way to touch the lives of men and women all across this world. I am thankful to know her.

- Antonio Brice (Akron, OH)

Pink Petals
A Jewel in God's Crown


I have known Lady India Faith for over 15 years. This woman of God is Authentic, Sincere, a Powerhouse, and a true Showcase of God's Glory. 

She has mentored, coached, encourage, taught, and supported me throughout my life and ministry. She has a voice for today's generation. She is that which was spoken by the Prophet example of God's Spirit poured out in the earth. 

Her ministry has blessed my life tremendously. Her teaching always reminds me that I am a precious jewel to the King. I am blessed to have an example of what a Jewel is God's Crown should be.

- Lady Shawree Wells (Sacramento, CA)

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