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I Speak Blessings Over You!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Hello All and God bless everyone’s eyes who are set on this post and everyone’s minds who are processing this word!

God bless you all this day, may His strength be your portion, may His might be the intensity in which you complete your assignment. May His voice be loud in your ear, your heart and your mind drowning out the I can’t with the I Can Do All Things Through Christ who strengthens me. May we be reminded as we journey to His good land with His good treasure as He pardon the seas and we are walking through Our Lord has already gone before us, He is walking with us and the beauty of it all is that He is inside of us. My our heart be fixed on His expected end learning to enjoy the process of the journey and not blinded by the destination for the tools we need to maintain the good land is gained in the process of the journey in Jesus name amen!

May we all have a beautiful week and stand in expectation of God’s very best in Jesus name amen

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